Setup Clickstream Tag

How to add clickstream tracking

  1. Open the profile and select API keys tab and create an API key with permissions "clickstream:write", click add:
  2. Open your GTM (Google Tag Manager) account and create new tag, name it something like stacktome-clickstream-tag - select "Custom HTML" and copy the template below:

      <!-- Snowplow starts plowing -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var o =; = function(){
      var res = o.apply(this, arguments);
      var err = new Error();  
      if((arguments[1] || '').indexOf('stacktome') > 0)
        this.setRequestHeader('apikey', '{{API_KEY}}' );
      return res;
    ;(function () {
         window.snowplow('newTracker', 'cf1', '',
        { // Initialise a tracker
          appId: '{{ACCOUNT_NAME}}', // account_name that is tracked
          platform: 'web',
          cookieDomain: '{{WEBSITE_DOMAIN}}',
          sessionCookieTimeout: 3600, // one hour
          post: true,
          contexts: {
              performanceTiming: true,
              webPage: true
    <!-- Snowplow stops plowing -->
    window.snowplow('trackPageView', null , null, null);
  3. Replace placeholder values for
    - {{API_KEY}} - API key with clickstream:write permisions
    - {{ACCOUNT_NAME}} - the account name in profile
    - {{WEBSITE_DOMAIN}}  - with your website domain, e.g.
  4. Once the tracker is set you can verify if clickstream events get sent by using this extension and opening your website

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