New Wizard (All steps)

Step 1. Welcome! 

Welcome onboard, {user}

To get started using StackHome we have prepared a few steps that will guide you through our app. The onboarding might take around 10-15 min depending on how many reviews you would like to have for your company.
Are you ready?

Step 2. Connect Review Sources 

To start taking advantage of your reviews we first need to connect to one of the available integrations:

  • Feefo
  • Trustpilot
  • Google

You will be able to combine different reviews from each of your sources. Press "Go to page" button below, find the source you want to use. Then, you will need to fill the required information for successful connection.

Note: You can connect only 1 account per each source.

Step 3.  Import Reviews from your Sources

Once you're connected to your source(s) it's time to import reviews from them. Press "Go to page" button below, find your source, check if it's connected and press Import. For the first try we recommend choosing data for 5-7 days, later you can import all time reviews if needed.

Step 1. Press "Import"

Step 2. Choose the day count you want to upload (for the first import we recommend 5-7 days). Then, press "Import"

*Note: This proccess might take up to 5 min.
**Note: If you have a lot of reviews, this proccess might take an hour or more

Step 4. Verify the imported data is correct

Press "Go to page" and you'll see your report tab. Click on the "Reports" and then "Stats". 
What to look for: how many reviews received, review rating etc, any unexpected time gaps. Compare with the data from sources you use now to be sure the loaded data is correct.

In "Data range" choose the days you decided to import. In "Review type" you can choose between service or product, depends which data you want to explore now. Then press "Get statistics". 

!!!!Please add visible "blue tick" and a button "Everything is OK" (Go the next step)

Step 5.How to add the reviews to your website

To add the reviews of your customer to your website you need to create a widget. It will increase the reputation and trust in your product or service if people can read positive feedbacks. 

1. Watch a video tutorial how to set your first widget template. 

2. Adjust your widget so you can filter the reviews you want to show. Here's the video on how to do this.

3. To use this widget to your site you need to add this script to HTML code of your page

Here' the example how it might look on the website

*Note: You can add a summary and a wordcloud later on

Step 6. Connect to Zendesk

Connect via your Zendesk + watch video tutorial (new video)

Step 7. Get notified about new reviews

Step 1. Go to "Publish" tab and press "Ticket"

Step 2. Set your notifications as you want.

You can set that you'll get notified only about bad revews by choosin 1 or 2 star rating. It's also possible to get notifications about reviews which contain specific words. In this case, type them into the "Contain keywords" field. (sentiment score + explanation which reviews you'll see)

Step 8. Connect Hootsuite

If you use Hootsuit connect to it. Once you press "Connect" you'll be redirected to your Hootsuite page.

*Note:  you can't proceed until you're connected to Hootsuite( If you don't have Hootsuite you can sigh up there for a free plan)

Step 9. Manually Publish Review as Social post

Step 1. Go to the Publish tab and choose Social. Then click "Publish Manually".

Step 2. Watch a short video demonstration of how it works.

Step 3. Check the publication on your social platform.

Step 10. Automatically Publish Review as Social post

Step 1. Publish tab and choose Social. Then click " Add new configuration"

Step 2. Watch how to do it easily so your best reviews go to your social platforms automatically 

*Note: Review window means the period of time in which system will be looking for reviews. If you set 7 days, it will show reviews made over the last week.

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