Review widget Location Link Formatting

Location link should be a valid link with the following template values that will be replaced from the review data:

  • {{language}} - 2 letter code of review language, like 'en'
  • {{country}} - 2 letter code of country, like 'uk'
  • {{province}} - Full name of the province, e.g. 'england'
  • {{county}} - full name of county, e.g. 'london'
  • {{city}} - name of city, e.g. 'east-london' (note space replaced with hyphen, '-')
  • {{locality}} - locality, like 'a40'

An example template of a valid link from above could be{country}/{province}/{county}/{city}/{locality}
which result following link with sample data:

If location data is not available or some parts required in the link are missing, link won't be set.

For more formatting details see -

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