Connect to Magento

To connect to Magento follow these steps:

  1. Go to your store admin dashboard
  2. Select from menu - System -> Integrations -> Add new integration 
  3. Enter a descriptive name e.g.: "StackTome orders integration"
  4. Set Callback URL as
  5. Set Identity URL as
  6. Open API tab and select the orders checkbox
  7. After saving click Activate link for newly created integration to connect Magento to StackTome 
  8. Click Allow when prompted Orders permission access
  9. Finally, a login popup will be shown where you should enter your credentials for StackTome reviews app. After login integration should be saved as active.
  10. To verify if your connection is working, log in to and click the test button on the Magento connection to verify if the connection is working.

See these steps in action:

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