Sales Import Date Format

When reimporting data daily we can use optional date format. For example using format like this yyyy-MM-dd will allow StackTome to import data daily by appending the current date to the filename. So if your file is sales-{date}.csv, StackTome will replace it with sales-2020-12-03.csv when importing data for 3rd of December of 2020. Using this format helps to speed up the process of exporting and importing sales data. See below the list of available formatting options:

  Symbol  Meaning                     Presentation      Examples
  ------  -------                     ------------      -------
   u       year                        year              2004; 04
   y       year-of-era                 year              2004; 04
   D       day-of-year                 number            189
   M/L     month-of-year               number/text       7; 07; Jul; July; J
   d       day-of-month                number            10

   Q/q     quarter-of-year             number/text       3; 03; Q3; 3rd quarter
   Y       week-based-year             year              1996; 96
   w       week-of-week-based-year     number            27
   W       week-of-month               number            4

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